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Dr. Stoner's Hierba Loca Tequila 750ml
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Dr. Stoner's Hierba Loca Tequila


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Category Tequila
Origin United States
Brand Dr. Stoner's
Alcohol/vol 42%
Proof 84.00
Dr. Stoner's Tequila Hierba Loca is a loco bueno combination of the finest high altitude blue agave tequila, caramelized in a stone oven using the artisanal method then infused with Dr. Stoner's special stash of herbs. The first taste and aroma is the familiar essence of agave, earthy and slightly smoky. This transforms to clean fruity floral herbal flavors with fresh citrus finishing with the trademark smooth Dr. Stoner's taste. At 84 proof, this complex premium tequila puts a nuevo bueno taste into any tequila cocktail. Try it as a shot the "Muy Blastito"!

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