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Bouharon’s Fine Wines & Spirits since 1946.

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About Bouharoun's Fine Wines & Spirits

Bouharoun's is a third generation, family owned business that has been a distinctive part of downtown Greenville for over 68 years. We offer a wonderful selection of hard-to-find fine wines and spirits. We have unique gifts and special events.

Bouharoun's holds the distinction of being one of the only remaining Art Deco buildings in Greenville. It was constructed post WWII in 1946 by Stanley Brown, who was a prominent beverage retailer in the area at the time. Brown built the store in the middle of town to comply with a local ordinance mandating that liquor could only be sold within city limits. Known as Stanley's, the store was sold by Brown to Martin Stein in 1973.

Stein passed away unexpectedly in 1976, Greenville's Mayor at the time, the Honorable Max Heller, a friend of Stein's, had been named executor of the estate. Max Heller officially sold the store to William Bouharoun in 1977. Heller has remained a longtime friend of the Bouharoun family and a customer.

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