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La Caravedo Acholado 750ml
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La Caravedo Acholado


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Category Pisco
Origin Peru
Brand La Caravedo
Proof 80.00
Appearance: Clarity - Clear/Translucent. Colour - Colourless. Nose: Condition - Clean. Intensity - Medium Aroma Characteristics - Clean, well balanced. Crisp, with aromas of toffee, berries, vanilla, and raisins. Maturity - Un-aged and rested in stainless steel. Palate: Alcohol - Warming. Body - Medium Viscosity. Flavor Intensity - Pronounced. Flavor Characteristics - Very structured with complex with notes of citrus, herbs, and orange blossoms. Impressions of hay and bananas with hints of chocolate. Finish - Medium with medium complexity.

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