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Bonanto The Ultimate Apertivo 750ml
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Bonanto The Ultimate Apertivo


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Category Apéritif
Origin Spain
Brand Bonanto
Alcohol/vol 22%
BONANTO is the result of a selection of more than 30 botanicals carefully chosen and macerated at their aromatic peak. Among its special ingredients are wormwood and Mediterranean plants like bay leaf, basil and thyme, as well as a selection of citrus fruits that enhance its freshness, and cherry distillate and apple that give it its unique personality. The different stages of maceration are carried out at room temperature to ensure optimal extraction and to preserve the most fresh and delicate aromas. A new concept in aperitifs with a wine base and 22% Alc./Vol. to give it character and aromatic intensity. Fresh and intense aroma of Mediterranean forest, with hints of ginger and a fruity background. The ripe citrus finish gives it freshness and rounds out the aromatic complexity. With a smooth and sweet entry into the palate, its low sugar content and smooth texture give it subtlety and airiness, while it maintains a persistent velvety feel in the mouth. It proceeds with a potent citrus freshness, while slightly spicy and fruity notes come forward. Just the right touch of bitterness gives it greater depth and a longer finish.

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