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Infuse Spirits Hersey Rye
SKU: 34568

Infuse Spirits Hersey Rye


Category Rye
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Infuse Spirits
Proof 105.00
Rye. Re-imagined. Distilled in Owensboro, KY, this one is unlike any rye you've ever tasted. Charred French oak gives a woody body to the spirit, while ex-bourbon (still wet from the previous tenant) and sherry cask staves all join forces to create a fiery, yet balanced and smooth taste and finish. Just like Broken Barrel, we proudly use our proprietary OAK BILL our way. Call it sacrilegious, call it nontraditional, call it heresy-we won't be offended. But trust us. Once you taste it, you may begin to question the tradition yourself.