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Fidencio Mezcal Mezcal Clásico 750ml
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Fidencio Mezcal Mezcal Clásico


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Category Mezcal
Origin Mexico
Brand Fidencio Mezcal
Alcohol/vol 44%
The agave for the Clásico and Pechuga are roasted in the traditional method. The oven is a stone lined, earthen pit. A fire of Encino, the local black oak, is lit in the pit, which heats up the stones. When the fire goes out and the stones are hot, the agave is piled in the pit and buried. After three days the smoky maguey is ready. The Clásico and Pechuga are fermented with the agave to extract maximum flavor. Fidencio Clásico is distilled twice in a traditional, wood fired, simple Alembic. This still is very similar to the stills used in Cognac. After the second distillation, we add a touch of water, and bottle at 44% alcohol.

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