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Contratto Bianco Vermouth 750ml
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Contratto Bianco Vermouth


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Category Vermouth
Origin Italy, Piedmont
Brand Contratto
28 of 50 major aromas (the other 22 aromas are a secret): Hawthorn flower/leaves, coriander seeds, marjoram leaves, bay laurel leaves, chamomile flower, yellow sweet clover, aloe juice, cinnamon, mint leaves, ginger roots, angelica roots , cardamom seeds, nutmeg, bitter orange peel, gentian roots, nettle, sweet orange peel, carob tree pods, pimento seeds, felon herb, rhu-barb roots, hibiscus flower, sage, bark of China, lemon peel, bergamot orange peel, liquorices roots, sandal wood, etc. The best Gin & Tonic ever, sans the tonic…

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