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Denizen Aged White Rum 3 year old 750ml
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Denizen Aged White Rum 3 year old



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Category Light Rum
Origin Netherlands, Holland
Brand Denizen
Alcohol/vol 40%
Rum today isn't what it used to be. Gone are some of the rich, full flavors -- the hogo, as rum fanatics call it -- that characterized old-world rums. In fact, today's bartenders believe that the modern white rum drinker does not know what rum really tastes like. Enter Denizen Aged White Rum, a new premium white rum that brings back the rums of yore. To achieve its fuller flavor, one that is never lost even against the most complex of cocktail ingredients, we looked to the countries of Trinidad, Jamaica and Holland. Denizen Aged White Rum starts with aged and fresh charcoal-filtered Trinidadian rum from the Angostura distillery, where they are column-distilled and aged up to five years in small bourbon oak barrels. Next, 15 types of Jamaican pot-distilled rums are added and blended in Amsterdam where rum blending has been taking place since the early 1700s, when the Netherlands colonized much of the Caribbean. The result is a crystal clear white rum that has, to date, earned 93 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge where it was cited as "highly recommended" by a judging panel...

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