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Vicario Savage Cherry Liqueur 750ml
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Vicario Savage Cherry Liqueur


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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Origin United States
Brand Vicario
Alcohol/vol 30%
Visciole, an antique variety of wild sour cherry, grew wild on our family farm property at Villa Sant'Andrea, in Cortona, Italy, and we planted a small orchard of these marvelous Slow Food Ark of Taste fruits. On the verge of disappearing, the Visciole di Cantiano variety never developed much of a commercial presence as they are fragile, need to be hand-picked, are consumed by flocks of birds the moment they become ripe, and spoil quickly. We think it is the best cherry overall for liqueur making, and so we monitor them closely, and collect them just before the birds descend. Outstandingly intense cherry flavors, very limited quantities.

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