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Marti Autentico Dorado Especiál Rum
SKU: 36593

Marti Autentico Dorado Especiál Rum

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Category Rum
Region United States
Brand Marti Autentico
Perhaps the richest and smoothest rum our master distiller has ever produced, it has an elegant nose and a delicious taste featuring a symphony of flavor notes. Martí Dorado Especiál is distilled with great care from select cane and produced according to our most traditional methods in limited quantities.Martí Dorado Especiál is perfect for sipping neat, and it makes any rum cocktail truly distinctive.
Wine Enthusiast
  • we85-89

Medicinal, pill-like aromas appear at first; these disappear following aeration as a feeble mown-grass sweetness takes over-an anemic bouquet. Things improve with the palate entry, which is of cocoa and dark chocolate; the pleasing midpalate is honey-sweet, a trace fruity and baking spice-like. Ends up bittersweet, oaky and resiny.

February 1, 2009