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AA Badenhorst Family Wines  Caperitif 750ml
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AA Badenhorst Family Wines Caperitif


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Category Apéritif
Region South Africa, Swartland
Brand AA Badenhorst Family Wines
Alcohol/vol 17.5%
The extended Badenhorst Family re-launched the Ghost Ingredient on the 5th of November this year on the farm on the Paardeberg. As you should know by now, Caperitif - a golden elixir - had been in slumber for almost 90 years when Danish mixologist Lars Erik Lyndgaard Schmidt met Swartland winemaker Adi Badenhorst and the two decided to try and revive the once world famous Cape Aperitif. Now, more than two years and five batches of Caperitif later the product is finally starting to gain international recognition again. Die Kaapse Dief as it is referred to - with tongue firmly in cheek - is once more finding its way into the hands of mixologists and onto the shelves of bars around the world. Deeply fruity and herbal, sweet and bitter but not too, with aromas of citrus, cola and tea.

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