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Nardini Tagliatella 1L

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Nardini Tagliatella 1L

SKU 32207


As its name implies, Tagliatella is a grappa-based 'cocktail' of complex flavours. While the aroma of fresh cherry juice predominates, the drink features natural ingredients deployed in a wide range of products in Nardini's grappa and aperitivo range. Fruity, with a well-calibrated bitter/sweet ratio, Tagliatella is typically enjoyed neat over ice, or with a splash of soda. It is especially refreshing as a summer drink - the 'Bassano Mule' -enjoyed long with ginger beer.
Category Grappa
Region Italy, Veneto
Brand Nardini
Alcohol/vol 35%
  • we85-89

Wine EnthusiastThe first nosings remind me of cola, quinine, and dried orange peel; aeration releases toasty/herbal notes of fennel and cassia bark. The palate entry is medium-sweet and earthy; at midpalate the flavor profile takes on more of the quinine and the orange peel. A sophisticated, svelte, and lean amaro.

October 1, 2005