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Angel's Envy Art Of Blending Bourbon

Angel's Envy Art Of Blending Bourbon

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Appearance: A beautiful, deep amber red tint with a faint copper sheen. Nose: Toffee, butterscotch, toasted oak, cherries, ripe peach, berry jam, vanilla with notes of banana. Palate: Strong port notes, cherries, oak and raisins. Next you'll taste vanilla and honey with a butter velvet feel and a little bit of clove spice. There are faint notes of honeysuckle and just a hint of grassiness. Finish: Glides around the palate. Let it linger for a few moments before savoring another sip. Add some water and it opens nicely. Warm and sweet with a pleasant burn, our Cask Strength is unlike any whiskey you've ever tasted.
Category Bourbon
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Angel's Envy
Alcohol/vol 59.65%
Proof 119.00